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For Students

Students using note takers are expected to assume an active role in acquiring this service. You must have presented your Faculty Contact Sheet to your instructor before receiving a note taker.

During the first week of class, you may ask other students in the class if they would be willing to share notes with you. If yes, have them write their name, phone number and email address on the Note Taker Sign-Up Form. You will need to complete this form and return it to the ODS as soon as possible. We will then contact the volunteers to confirm.

If you cannot (or prefer not to) find a note taker yourself, give your instructor the Note Taker Packet. Ask your instructor to please make an announcement on your behalf requesting note takers. Please be sure to ask the instructor to keep your name confidential if you wish to remain anonymous. After class, please retrieve the Sign-Up Form, complete your portion and return it to the ODS

Students using note takers are expected to attend class. Note takers may be asked to discontinue if you do not attend class regularly, unless you have discussed attendance concerns with an advisor.

It is up to you to inform the ODS if you experience any problems with the note taking process. We will do our best to assist you with such issues.

Please inform the ODS and, if possible, the note taker, if you withdraw from the course or no longer wish to receive notes.

Letter to give to faculty

For Faculty

If a student approaches you about requesting a note taker, it would be greatly appreciated if you would make an announcement in your class asking if any students would be willing to copy their notes for a student in the class. To protect confidentiality, please do not identify this student to the class. A statement such as, “If anyone is willing to share a copy of his or her notes with a fellow student who is in need of assistance, please see me after class.” In some instances, the student may have already attempted, unsuccessfully, to obtain a note taker.

The student requesting note taker service should have given you a letter to faculty members and a Note Taker Sign-Up Form. The student requiring note taking assistance should complete his or her portion of the form and deliver the top copy to our office. Please keep the bottom copy for your records. The student volunteers will be contacted by our office. The student receiving notes is expected to attend class regularly unless advanced arrangements are made.