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Information for Prospective Students


George Mason University is committed to providing appropriate services and accommodations to allow identified students with disabilities access to academic programs. To achieve this goal, the University provides services through the Office of Disability Services (ODS).

To be eligible for services, students must identify themselves to the ODS office after they have been admitted to the university.  Please note that the ODS does not play a part in the admission process. Students are also required to provide documentation of their disability. Until the appropriate documentation is provided, the ODS cannot support a student’s request for services.

Once appropriate documentation is received, the ODS will conduct a formal intake with the student to determine eligibility and appropriate accommodations. These accommodations may not always be the same as the student received in high school, at another college, or university.

Documentation requirements and guidelines have been established because non-standardized tests and incomplete or outdated assessment reports do not enable the staff of the ODS to accurately assess a student's accommodation needs.  Please read Eligibility for Services and Services and Accommodations for more information